Media Ecology

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Our choice of social mediums is dependent on our specific goal for our virtual presence. For my personal accounts, I try to keep them separate because I don’t want to share my crude tweet or Instagram pics being displayed on my Facebook wall for my coworkers to see. From a non-profit/business point of view, it is helpful

Social Mediato have many platforms connected in order to maintain a consistent online voice and transparency, but at the same time, SMSG also suggests that connecting and sharing everything across all platforms can be overkill. For example, Twitter has a different “pace” than Facebook; Twitter demands more upkeep and more frequency of posts. Facebook is better served for more sporadic postings that may be lengthier or more in-depth than a Twitter post. If a non-profit shares all their Tweets on their FB wall, their FB audience may become overwhelmed and decide…

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Media Ecology


“Media Ecology” is a brand new word for me to know that I even could not know its exact meaning. But all I have known before was that media ecology can conclude most elements of internet that can absolutely affect people positively even negatively in perception, understanding, feeling, and value. Media also has a large scope of meaning, so It’s gonna be pretty interesting when this two words combine together.

What I look up to find the meaning of ecology in word “Media Ecology” mostly points out the study of environments: structure, content, and impact. An environment can structure what we behave usually, let me know our own identity, and what we should do or not. Like I mentioned in first paragraph, media ecology can positively and negatively influence our individual qualities because human perception, feeling, understanding, and value can’t be always accurate. We need to learn something from the…

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Media Ecology



‘Media ecology’ must be newly coined.  This is the first time I have been presented with such a description in with which we are working.  Of course this term applies to all areas of internet usage beyond the scope of this class in this day and age.  Many of us have been molding this term without even hardly giving it a thought if at all.

I was quite aware of what ‘media’ is as I have been drilling it even deeper into my brain over the last few weeks.  I have used this word any number of ways over the last decade to describe where I get my information and in which outlets I have participated; keep in mind if you have read my first blog post that it’s been awhile since I have actually participated in any social media, but I frequently use the internet.  So, ‘media’ is definitely…

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Building a Following

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To start becoming an online presence, one must identify what they want to do online. Whether its blogging, creating a charity group, posting YouTube videos or just having a Facebook account to connect with friends. After picking what you want to do or be online, one must find others that agree with you, need something from you or what to be apart of your cause. Again, from posting funny pictures to agreeing with political ideals to fighting for a cause, as long as some people agree with it or enjoy it, you can build a community around it.

The next step would be to connect with others to bring them to your page. Making regular posts, hosting events, advertising, having current follows share your posts are all ways to get your ideas to others and ones that agree or enjoy them will join. The non-profit organizations I am following have…

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Twitter and Blogging and Texts – Oh My!


Drunk Uncle SNL Drunk Uncle – SNL – Via Pinterest

If you’ve ever watched Drunk Uncle, as portrayed by Bobby Moynihan on Saturday Night Live (SNL),  reference technology in his bits, then you should be able to relate to the struggles I’ve gone through trying to acclimate both of my fathers to the ever-expanding array of ways to communicate electronically. I’m definitely not going to tell them to go read my blog for some guidance, because then, of course, I would have to explain what a blog is…and that’s not something I care to embark on with them today…or possibly ever for that matter.

Heck, trying to explain to my father what a QR Code was, and how his business could benefit from them, was painful enough! Five years later, I’m sure he’s still confused from that conversation. High five though, Dad…you’ve mastered the use of emoticons in SMS! (Much to my amusement 👍😆💪🏉) And kudos to my Papa…

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Following nonprofits during #givinghearts16; keeping track on spreadsheets.

Hmm, my videos are getting longer, not shorter.  Maybe I need to use SnapChat.

I just spent 25 minutes looking at old Tweets

A Collection of work

Okay, my title is a lie. I’m still on Twitter reading old tweets and I am ashamed. 

I first joined the Twitter world in December of 2012, my senior year of high school. Between this, texting, and creating the perfect Instagram caption, I have some experience in short form.

(If you don’t catch the Unbreakable quote in this then I have failed as a caption writer.)

Also the Insta can be found here so yes here is another shameless plug like my pics I’m not a douche bag.

Anyway, back on track. Twitter is a site I frequently go on and use; its were I get a lot of news; follow advocates for movements I support; get my witty comments to the world so someone appreciates my humor; tag my friends in silly silly comments; stalk Prof.

When I think about what makes a successful Twitter page, I think of…

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