Second half and week 10 overview.

I’m a little rusty and ran on at the mouth for 12 minutes, but I hope you find it useful.  Make a sandwich while listening.

Midterm #2

Michaela Smith

This a continuation of this post. It’s not necessary to read it to get this one, but it still does offer some useful information about why social media should be a priority for nonprofits. Please check it out!

Social media is a convergence of many different pieces and parts working together to make a cohesive whole. Without knowing how everything works, it can be very hard to utilize social media effectively. Fortunately, Strategic Social Media by L. Meghan Mohoney and Tang Tang offers a comprehensive view and explanation on nearly every aspect of social media. Well, they offer a college-level view of the ‘why’ behind social media. Instead of being a how-to, Strategic Social Media offers an explanation behind why social media is important to inspire changes in human behavior. This is because changes in behavior is what social media is all about. It’s why we use action hashtags and…

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Midterm #1

Michaela Smith

There’s nothing in this world quite like social media. It provides everyone with the ability to connect in some way or form. You can use it for personal things. Like checking in on friends or family, sharing your food pictures, or talking about your favorite things. Social media can also be used by businesses. It is a useful tool to take advantage of. It allows you to reach a wide audience and to help your company stay relevant and connected.

Social Media application icons shown on a mobile phone


Being able to connect and promote yourself is something that everyone should know in this day and age. This goes double for nonprofit companies, who rely a lot on donations and word of mouth to stay afloat. This advice will be geared towards nonprofits, but anyone can apply it to themselves in any way they want! Social Media for Social Good: A How-to Guide for Nonprofits was…

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Strategic Social Media: Establishing and Maintaining Invested Online Communities (Midterm #2)

Midterm #2

Ashley McCoy

When it comes to the advances of digital technology and the extreme expansion of the internet and social media platforms there are people on both sides of the outcomes line. While some may argue that these advances are detrimental for society moving forward, others argue that these advances can only benefit us in the future. This is the side that Megan Mahoney and Tang Tang find themselves on in their book Strategic Social Media: From Marketing to Social Change. Mahoney and Tang write, “The authors of this book believe that technology creates better-informed and more knowledgable citizens of society, leading towards greater opportunity for positive social change then ever before” (8). This book works to help readers understand the communication strategies that go into inspire behavior change in social media audiences to influence positive social change.



As Web 2.0 has shifted the way online content is…

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The *Five* Bare Necessities: Midterm Blog II


While reading L. Meghan Mahoney and Tang Tang’s book Strategic Social Media, I noticed that it differed from Heather Mansfield’s Social Media for Social Good in the sense that it was more detailed in its provided theories, ideas, options and provided some concrete examples of how to run a well organized and successful social media page, whether it be for a business or for a non-profit organization. Based on the two readings, I believe that in order to make your page successful there are five ‘rules’ that the page administrators have to abide by. They are:

  • Establishing a Community of followers who are interested or curious about the non-profits mission
  • Engage with those followers to make it clear that the page isn’t run by a ‘bot’
  • Using the followers as a tool for growth
  • Communication in the sense of expansion/growth
  • Maintaining the consistency of posting

The first step is one…

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Midterm #1: Some Suggestions from SMSG

Julia Sattler

Many people may think that maintaining social media platforms is an easy job, however they are sorely mistaken. With social media there are a lot of methods that can and should be followed. Each platform is unique in one way or another but ultimately they can be utilized to reach a common end goal: to increase in amount of followers and build a supportive community. Social Media for Social Good offers relevant and helpful tips that are unique to each platform for nonprofits to thrive in the online world. When I meet with a nonprofit this semester, I will have some valuable suggestions to offer them as a result of reading Heather Mansfield’s research.



Mansfield encourages nonprofits to get involved with blogging. It’s funny that she mentions why nonprofits aren’t typically hesitant to start blogging, because I, too, had those same thoughts and concerns before starting a blog…

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Midterm #2: Five Good Pointers for Nonprofits

Julia Sattler

Strategic Social Media: from Marketing to Social Change attempts to make the point that social media allows people to view and access information and technology in a different and unique way. Author Meghan Mahoney believes that social media offers an opportunity for millennials to learn new things and partake in behavior that encourages positive change (Mahoney 8). Millennials are unique to previous generations and social media is a proper source to keep up with the changing times. There is somewhat of an art to the process of utilizing social media to its fullest and having the ability to understand and master that art will make for a strong online presence for any nonprofit organization.

One of the points that Mahoney makes that I think is crucial is offering a transparency with public relations (Mahoney 29). I think that viewers and consumers want a sense of truth. With technology and all…

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