Another chunk of my essay on politics and social media: How Wikipedia has been used as a pawn in politics, how it combats “vandals” through controlled engagement and transparency and still maintains neutrality.

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Wikipedia is now the 6th busiest website on the planet with nearly 15% of all internet traffic flowing to the site daily. With such a huge amount of traffic, the desire for politicians to “massage” the facts increases. Thankfully, Wikipedia has taken some steps to mitigate the damage.

The dark past that plagues Wikipedia

Not so long ago, Wikipedia was used as the proverbial punching bag; getting caught in the middle of political skirmishes. Candidates and their supporters looking for an edge would add color commentary to their rivals Wikipedia articles. Edits ranging from “too liberal” to “he beats his wife and children” began appearing on candidate’s pages.

The practice was so common that Wikipedia was forced to change their editing policies as well as set up a page called US Congressional staff edits to Wikipedia partly in response to the not-so-ethical gluttony of edits made by politicians and…

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Essay thought of the Day

I wrote a bit more of my essay–which can be seen in my GoogleDoc–and found myself confronted with an interesting idea. Is “context” (in general) extraordinarily difficult to peg online? Consider the troll: some of his comments might be considered comedic if presented in a comedic context (e.g. Comedy Club, sitcom), but is only made a “troll” due to the “inappropriate” context of the comedy… Perhaps he is invoking a kind of meta-comedy??

More about Message Boards…

In my most recent blog post, I address two specific forums.

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Google Doc Link

Here’s the link to my Google Doc! I have about 4 pages done. I have yet to get to the Zizek and Malcolm Bull. I hope to have some more tetrad analysis and examples as well!

Late Night Essay Portion

Want to see a portion of my essay? I tried to combine some material from my wiki with my draft… It is late at night (for me)… I think it went OK.

Rise and Shine

I’m up early today sifting through the information on the internet as well as expanding my essay.  Look Here!

Wikid Encyclopedia!

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