Day it Forward in Style


Kindness-6-ImgurIn our readings this week of week two, we have been talking about how style is different when the format is different. The sign above has a set style that it can adhere too and it follows it pretty easily. The way we write and our language use is definitely different from a blog to a different social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook. It can even differ from Twitter and Facebook due to the character limits of Twitter and the hashtag obsession of Twitter. Having these characters such as hashtags can allow tweets to be characterized and sorted into different groups. This sorting method allows the style of the writing to be modified and changed. The changing refers to the use of these hashtags in Twitter. Facebook uses hashtags as well but they aren’t as prominent.

In my tweets, especially for English 457, I have kept them short…

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Strengthening My Voice and Self

The Digitial Monroe



I want to be a friendly face online. Someone that people can be like, “huh… he seems like a nice guy and I want to hang out with him.” Basically, I want face-to-face Michael to be like online Michael in that regard. It would be like me to have that niceness and charisma where people want to support and subscribe to what I’m doing after even a few posts and videos. To be able to watch a single video and then want to subscribe to my blog about You Matter or something else would create some evidence that I’m becoming who I want to be online. I want to have an efficient and powerful online base.

I’m normally pretty energetic and out-going in life and I want my internet presence to highlight that without posting every single moment or liking every post that I see. I should be able to…

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A Look Back

A Collection of work

In my last post I went into detail about the social media strategies used by the three NPs I followed for Giving Hearts Day, including the YMCA, Cats Cradle, and Moorhead Youth Hockey Association. In this post I will focus more on follow-up strategies via Facebook I have noticed, and then evaluate what (I feel) would have been a better option.

Cats Cradle: They posted a thank you around 11:15 pm on GHD, quite long as usual. The end included the matching sponsors, which seems like a good idea, however non of the business or individuals were tagged so it isn’t quite as effective as it could be. Further, at the end they used FIVE hashtags– none of which were #givinghearts16. On the 12th they posted what their total was ($45,000+) which actually really surprised me. Again, this post thanked everyone, without tags, and used too many hashtags. It really looked like they…

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“One love, one heart, one destiny.” -Bob Marley

TA's Teach Humanity


Giving Hearts Day 2016 was incredible to be a part of as well as incredible to witness as organizations all over Fargo (and other cities) persuaded people to donate to their causes. When people think of persuasion and the internet the one thing that might come to mind is Facebook– So much persuasion is happening via social media and Facebook becomes the hub. I had the honor of following three organizations on social media as they prepared for GHD: Kamp Kace, Park Christian Schools, and North Dakota Autism Center. If you watched my vlog earlier I mentioned some of the strengths of North Dakota Autism Center during the days up to and during GHD, but here I would like to go more in depth on what worked.

One of the most important things that I feel all nonprofits did well during this day was what Heather Mansfield states plainly in her…

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Social Media & My Nonprofits

Jessica Heuer


I followed Adopt-A-Pet, Cultural Diversity Resources (CDR) and the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) leading up to Giving Hearts Day (GHD). I organized a spread sheet to keep track of each nonprofit’s activity on social media, sorting how many posts were made per month, week and days leading up to GHD.
Focusing on the Anne Carson Center first, I noted that they posted new material to their Facebook page about 3 times per week throughout January. These posts were generally about new materials donated to the nonprofit or other progress regarding their center. Towards the end of January and into February (getting closer to GHD) Anne Carlsen posted more frequently but still maintained the same type of content. I think it may have been helpful for them to post more about what they were doing specifically for GHD during that week of February but they clearly still did very well, raising…

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Facebook Use

Michelle Jacobson

All three organizations that I have been following have been using Facebook to their advantages. CCRI has been, in my opinion, done the best job of using social media out of the three. They update their Facebook page almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. They posts that they put up appeal to people; they show what they do and what they need by sharing images on Facebook that are real and to the point. They heavily promoted Giving Hearts Day and judging by their post after that they were successful. They do the same with twitter but they use different images to get the same message across.

The second organization I’m following has done almost as good of a job on Facebook as CCRI. They don’t post every day but the images they post are meant to tug at our heart strings and they do; the pictures of…

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