Alive Enough? Reflecting on Our Technology with Sherry Turkle | On Being

Alive Enough? Reflecting on Our Technology with Sherry Turkle | On Being.

Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together is a wonderful sociological exploration of human relationships with technology, and this interview with Krista Tippet for On Being provides an accessible overview for some key ideas.

–We expect more from our technology than each other. That needs to change.

–We can, and must, live an examined life with technology.

–And while the interview does not precisely say this, the implications (backed by some other studies) suggests that the best online relationships are  ones grounded in f2f relationships.  This seems to be as true for non-profit organizations as it is for personal relationships.



Personas: your sites and users.

Design Personas | Aarron Walter.

Aarron Walter provides a nice succinct account of (and template for working with) design persona.  If your organization were a person, who and what would it be?


At Usability First, they approach “persona” from a different perspective. Communicators interested in their users will sketch multiple personas to represent the spectrum of users interested in their product or service.


The social media specialist at a non-profit organization probably needs to work up both types of persona.




Lesson Plans « Social Media and Technical Communication

I attended a great presentation about courses similar to my own Electronic Communication by Gretchen Prebix at Mankato. Gretchen’s reading list will help me move the course in the tech comm direction, the Web Design and New Media major direction.


Gretchen was consulted by Jennifer Really at NCSU, who wrote her MA paper on the nature of Social Media courses. Jen has a completely different set of readings and a little different take on the course; useful and interesting.

Lesson Plans « Social Media and Technical Communication.