“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.”-Steve Maraboli

Hannah (Stevens) Honeyman

If you have kept up with my blogs then you know that I have mentioned the activism project that I am apart of quite often. One of the articles we wrote for our school newspaper was entitled “Look Around You” and it mostly revolved around intersectionality. I feel like I define things often but…

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Basically, feminism reaches for equality of everyone regardless of race, class, and gender (and many other things, but those are the main ones talked about). Now I don’t want to make this blog a feminist preach fest, but I think the title of our article rings true for everyday life. It is so important to look around you at what is going on, and that goes further than keeping your heads up when you walk and making eye contact with people. Although technology and social media keep us together I think there is still…

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Contrast on the Web



Elements that contrast can be beautiful to behold. Think of yin and yang, the two contrasting life forces that are necessary to bring balance to the world. Then there are contrasting elements that when shown side by side show how wonderful one can be and how horribly bad the other is. Unfortunately, I see contrasting elements when I look at the web. We have been learning all semester how great the internet and social media can be. Yes, there have been examples here and there from our studies that illustrate the negative effects of certain parts of Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, but most of what we have seen and worked with has been quite positive. For this final blog posting I want to compare the negative and positive sides of the internet and social media. Let’s begin with the negative.

Bullying. We have all heard about this mean act…

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Reflecting Yourself

Alex Lien's Blog

At the end of a semester, there is a lot to talk about in this category. I can reflect school achievements, goals, and hopes (I see goals and hopes as different, goals are like ice, easy to make, common and nothing special, where hopes are like snowflakes, unique, beautiful, numerous and hard to hold on to).

As for achievements, I have successfully gotten through the semester completing all assignments (that may not seem like an accomplishment but in the end, its  a lot of work all together and we should be proud of it). Each assignment is like one snowflake, but add them all up and you can make anything you imagine. I was able to get a second interview for my summer internship (I’d say that’s worth at least 5 good assignments). And I successfully balanced work and school for a year now, especially during my busiest semester yet…

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Pleasing Myself

Michelle Jacobson

635e3c7c9d0eb1d05b32e4715bf8c0b8My strategy for social media in the past hasn’t been one that has helped me gain many followers. I’ve always been afraid to post on social media because I don’t know how people are going to react to what I have to say. It’s not like I’m saying anything that would upset anybody; I was more afraid of posting things that I know are socially accepted in the wrong way. It was a silly fear but I think it’s understandable; in high school in particular I always felt more pressure to conform to what was going on around me than just being myself. So what was my social media strategy? Don’t post anything and then people won’t think what I’ve shared or posted is weird because there won’t be anything to look at.

My previous strategy is the complete opposite of what should have been happening. I should have taken…

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Moving Online

Michelle Jacobson

couch-potatoWhen I think about what a social network is I always think of the online communities but neglect to think of networks as anything other than what they are online; I thought of them as something new that has developed in recent years instead of something that has been evolving since the beginning of time. In The Networked Nonprofit they point out that social networks are not a new thing; they just moved online when we “turned into a nation of couch potatoes” (26). If you keep this concept in mind it’s not as hard to think about how to network with other people because some of same principles that we use in face to face relationships can be utilized online.
One thing that is great about social networks having moved online is that people who are shy, awkward, and seemingly socially inept now have an easier time making connections…

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Oh, I have to leave?

Camille Forlano

I met with my adviser a couple of weeks ago to go over my final semester of college. I felt under-whelmed compared to what I thought setting-up the final semester of classes of my undergrad career would feel like. The meeting went as any other, and I left feeling just as I had walking in. 12 credits. Four classes. And then that’s it. I have applied to internships and now all I can do is wait. Perfect.

I have also met with a possible capstone mentor who made me realize that I really don’t have a clue what I want to focus on for my capstone project. We have talked about researching more on writing programs for veterans and my experience instructing an English course to veterans enrolled in the Veterans Educational Training through Trio at NDSU. This opportunity really came out of thin air (Listserv) and is a new experience…

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The Little Red Book Makes Appearance in Real Life