Week 6: GHD analysis and mobile social media.

Week 6: February 14-20, 2018.

Learning goals:

  • Understanding the mobile web and its implications for non-profits.
  • What did we learn from watching organizations use social media during Giving Hearts Day?


  • Read chapters 8 “Social Media and the Mobile Web” and 9 “Mobile Websites” of SMSG.
  • Read Chapter 6, Strategic Social Media, “Active Within Structures.”


Write (or record) a blog essay (#5) that provides a focused, and not harsh, analysis of the social media strategies used by two nonprofits you followed during Giving Hearts Day 2018. By focused analysis, I don’t mean exhaustive. You might focus primarily on the organizations’ Facebook strategies with a nod to one or two other channels if they did something well, successfully, on those channels. Be sure to draw on the readings we have been doing to support your claims that a certain strategy is recommended by Mansfield or others, or if an organization comes up short with their efforts, use the readings to help you articulate a better strategy. Be sure to draw on your tracking work, to see if an organizations’ strategy seemed to have a correlation (and presumably a causation effect) on an organization’s success.

Please remember that local nonprofits are typically relying on themselves or volunteers to do their social media campaigns; if their work doesn’t seem strong, rather than provide a really harsh analysis, try to actually offer reasonable suggestions in your blog essay.  You might even use this week’s essay as a stepping stone to work with the organization.


Be mobile: check in to places.  Tag locations for photos. Praise others and non-profits for their mobility.  Encourage others to move around and be mobile.  Visit the nonprofit you’d like to consult with during the second half of the semester and talk through your analysis with them.  See what you might have missed.

Stay or get active in our Facebook group. Share thoughts on the readings, talk about your analysis (i.e. use the FB group to try out your ideas).  Stay active on Twitter and see if any of your groups keep up their online momentum (if they got some).


Sometimes random pictures of cute kids have a positive effect on readers. 

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