One Last Second Life Post

I definitely forgot to post a link to my latest posts on here.  So here goes!  I posted about how Second Life might affect IRL relationships (there is also a quite long comment that gives a different perspective) and I wrote an additional post about one of my essay topics, 750 Words, giving a pretty detailed description of the site.

The past, present, and future of Second Life

Offering up my initial misconceptions, current usage of the medium,  and how we will use Second Life and other virtual world like World of Warcraft in the future.

Can we immerse ourselves fully in the technology? Are we ready for virtual living?


Colorful Quotes . . . and an analysis

To wrap up the week on Second Life, I thought I would try a quick tetrad analysis.  But, since that might be boring by itself, I also threw in a dozen or so quotes about dreaming to extend my Second Life metaphor.

Final Thoughts on Second Life

Come to my blog and read about my final thoughts on Second Life.

A few more thoughts to close the week on Second Life

My recent post responds to the readings and videos that Dr. Brooks recommended for us to take a look at. Read my Second Response to Second Life (and related mediums) .

Second Life Revisited

Come to my blog and read about my experiences with Second Life after using it for a week.

When “class” takes place in a virtual world…

…Strange things happen!!!

I know this story has already been told a few times, but each storyteller has a different take!