Happy Graduation and Summer!

With the semester over and this being my final submission as an NDSU student, I say farewell and good luck to those of you graduated and those continuing their studies! Here is my final and book review.

Have a good summer!

Or….want some summer reading?  Here’s my book review.  On a different note, I hope to keep updating my blog over the summer…so watch for that, if you’re interested.

Last blog post of the semester!

Here is my book review for New New Media and Networked Nonprofit. Everyone have a great summer and congrats to all the graduates!


It’s official!

The last post on my blog…the last thing for this class (I’ll miss you guys!)… AND… the last assignment of my college career!!  The book reviews.

A Review of New New Media and The Networked Non-Profit

Come to my blog and read my review about New New Media and The Networked Non-Profit.

SMPAFinalProject: Texting Cat, Hillary Clinton, Spreadable Media


We touched on memes briefly but didn’t push the concept as far as Andrew Clark did in his class project about “spreadable media.” We did talk about cat pictures on the web and we watched “Corky the Cat” gain 10,000 “likes” in about 4 weeks.

Final Book Reviews

Here  are my exciting book reviews and an overview of what I learned from each of them!