A Blogging Reflection

A new post…finally…in which I reflect on blogging the second half of the semester.

Blogging and Twitter ahoy!

My personal strategic plan for new new media: HERE

A Wikipedia Experience

I talk a bit about my Wikipedia experience, and also impart a little story about someone making an untrue edit on a band’s Wikipedia page just for kicks.

One Last Second Life Post

I definitely forgot to post a link to my latest posts on here.  So here goes!  I posted about how Second Life might affect IRL relationships (there is also a quite long comment that gives a different perspective) and I wrote an additional post about one of my essay topics, 750 Words, giving a pretty detailed description of the site.

Come Look at My Face!

Alternatively, watch my vlog.  Same difference.  Oh man, I hate making videos…. >.>

Self-Endorsement in New New Media

Anyone else notice that New New Media is almost entirely Levinson’s personal accounts?  Is he just self-publicizing?  Check out my latest post to see what I think about Levinson’s approach to social media.

Moleskin to MacBook: The evolution of travel blogging

What if I told you that you could travel the world indefinitely with having a little start up cash and a laptop? Sound too good to be true?

In my latest post I introduce the world of travel blogging to the uninitiated as well as introduce you to a couple of folks that are traveling the world full time and making a living from their blog. Check it out…