Book Review(s)

The eternal question: “Which is better, New New Media or Networked Nonprofit?” I tackle the issue in my REVIEW.

Integrating Ideas of Integration

I hadn’t posted about theory/philosophy in far too long, so I took advantage of the considerably technical article Dr. Brooks recommended and posted about it. Embrace the big words 🙂

Experimenting while Implementing (scaaaary)

While Jade is at the Board Meeting (he is the only member in the group who owns a suit), I decided to surf the TechSoup blogs and begin playing with our nonprofit’s WordPress. Here’s what I’ve discovered!

Essay/Chapter Topic: Mobile Social Media

My essay/chapter topic is on mobile social media.  Read about it on my blog.

My Google Tetrad

I must say Google + has a couple really good qualities that Facebook doesn’t,  like the “hanging out” feature and being able to create your own “circles”. If  I had equally investment time in both apps, I might be inclined to choose Google +.

Digg, Fark, Buzz!

Paul Levinson introduced me to three new social media sites! Check it out HERE

Hope Ofirihas Weekly News Roundup

Hope Ofirihas Weekly News Roundup.

A networked non-profit using an online service called  Interesting idea to put out a weekly paper that is not just about your organization, but about the news relevant to your education. The organization, Hope Ofiriha, is working in Southern Sudan so they have gathered stories from the week about that country.