[Data Viz] KONY2012: See How Invisible Networks Helped a Campaign Capture the World’s Attention | SocialFlow Blog

[Data Viz] KONY2012: See How Invisible Networks Helped a Campaign Capture the World’s Attention | SocialFlow Blog.

Fabulous data analysis of the Kony 2012 phenomenon.  Social Flow makes the valuable point that the video went viral in part because of the tremendously active social network Invisible Children had already established, not simply because it went viral among otherwise minimally connected people.  The post also goes into an analysis of the Twitter profiles of that already established network–smart stuff.

Final “Official” Semester Blog

Staying up until 2AM reading German philosophy seems like a dangerous idea… Read my last official blog of the semester to find out what happened!!?!?

Book Review(s)

The eternal question: “Which is better, New New Media or Networked Nonprofit?” I tackle the issue in my REVIEW.

Integrating Ideas of Integration

I hadn’t posted about theory/philosophy in far too long, so I took advantage of the considerably technical article Dr. Brooks recommended and posted about it. Embrace the big words 🙂

Creating a “History” Page

Using the NSCA’s informative brochure, I tried to create an engaging, clear and concise history of the Sudanese conflict. Take a look! I struggled with tense because “Sudan”–as a country containing the southern region–doesn’t exist anymore. There’s Sudan and the Republic of Southern Sudan now. Additionally, I should find more statistics on the refugee/immigration rates. Hope everyone’s implementation is going well!.

#12NTC Preview: Beth Kanter on Data Visualization – YouTube

#12NTC Preview: Beth Kanter on Data Visualization – YouTube.

Thought you might want to see and hear Beth Kanter.   This little clip is a preview of a presentation she will be making at the Nonprofit Technology Conference; if you visit it on YouTube, you can watch other, similar previews on topics like innovation, mobile technologies, cloud computing, etc.

Personal histories with social media: data set and visualization

I copied and pasted the personal histories posted so far into a single document (over 10,000 words!) and the uploaded that document to Many Eyes, a data visualization website.  Using text as data, it can be analyzed as word clouds, word trees, phrase nets, and a few other configurations.  I saved a phrase net, although accidentally did so as “anonymous”.

Feel free to play around with the data set, create your own visualization, share it on the Many Eyes site but also share it here or your personal blog.  Data visualization is a an important sub-field of social media; tools like Many Eyes can both help us analyze trends, see patterns, and make additional contributions to social media.