Possible organizations to follow and work with.

I will be asking students to follow at least two organizations closely before, on, and after Giving Hearts Day. For the second half of this course,  students will form teams of three or four and work with one of the organizations they follow or an organization they are familiar with.

Here is the “organizations to follow” spread sheet.

Here is the official list of organizations and funds eligible to receive donations through the Giving Hearts Day campaign.  Be sure the organization you chose to follow is GHD eligible.

Here is an example of one way to follow your organization: set up your own spreadsheet (this one has multiple users, but you can set up one for yourself or find a partner in class), start to build columns where you can record the presence of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (not on the model), website, videos, etc.., but also make notes about how each aspect of social media is being used.  The columns can be an evolving project-all depends on what we find.  Please make your spreadsheet view-able for others in class.



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