My continuing review of the book…….HERE

Meeting with New Sudanese Community Association

Jade and I met with NSCA! Read my summary and let me know how it compares to your experiences. Thoughts? Advice?

Check Out our Google Doc (In Progress)

My group has started to develop our assessment and strategic plan on Google Docs. Read about it through my BLOG.

Meeting with CHARISM (3/29)

Read about my group’s meeting with CHARISM….. HERE.

Networked NonProfit Chapter 3 Summarized

Visit my blog to catch what I obtained from chapter three in the book The Networked Nonprofit.

First Meeting!

I’ve posted a brief account of my group’s first meeting with Wellspring For the World.  Read about it here!

#12NTC Preview: Beth Kanter on Data Visualization – YouTube

#12NTC Preview: Beth Kanter on Data Visualization – YouTube.

Thought you might want to see and hear Beth Kanter.   This little clip is a preview of a presentation she will be making at the Nonprofit Technology Conference; if you visit it on YouTube, you can watch other, similar previews on topics like innovation, mobile technologies, cloud computing, etc.