MMORPG and Social Media ReDo

Visit my google document, MMORPG and Social Media Chatper 14, to witness the changes I made to the document.  I would gladly be open to suggestions if you think it’s not working.

Personal Strategic Plan for Social Media

I plan on continuing to use two services. Can you guess which ones? Find the answer on my blog.

Brief Progress Report

Check out my brief post as Jade and I transition from building up the site and FB to fostering sustainability.

Week 16: It ain’t so dead!

Dead week at NDSU has never made a heck of a lot of sense for English classes; our students are always busy finishing up major assignments, not typically studying for final exams. Week 16 on my schedule fits this bill.

WK 16 April 30-May-6


  • Completely wrap up non-profit work.
  • Write project report, including self-and-group assessment.  Synthesize what you know about using social media effectively on behalf of an organization.  This report is most fully described as item #3 on the “deliverables” list on this page:
  • Try to complete your revised essay by this week if you have not already, although you can have until as late as May 13 if you need the time. I have asked Jade Sandbulte to collect our essays into an ebook; seemed like a fitting way to synthesize all your work.  Please fill out his survey about the preferred method; let me know if you have any concerns.


  • Anything relevant.

Blogging and slogging.

  • Reflective blog; a more informal take on your experience.  Maybe you will want to use it to also sell yourself as a social media expert.
  • Consider writing about your personal strategic plan for social media: what tools are you going to keep using, what tools do you want to learn about, why? What are your goals, and how does social media fit into them?


  • I encourage you to do a face-to-face wrap up with your organization, make sure they are set to keep up your work, or bring some closure to the project in one way or another.
  • Ask your organization to send you and me their assessment report.  Nothing fancy; an email reflecting on your impact will be sufficient. A May 7th deadline would be appreciated.


Alyssa asked for an assignment description of the book review / final, which will the main item to work on during week 17.  Here’s the link:

Wellspring For The World Progress Update

Visit my blog to read what I’ve changed to the Wellspring For The World website or just see what I’ve changed to the site. Joomla 1.0 is definitely a challenge to work with.

1500 Words Actually Goes Fast

I decided to get ahead on the book review and post it now instead of next week. Productivity whaaa??? Anyways, you can read my 1,567-word review on New New Media and The Networked Nonprofit on my blog.

Revising My Chapter

Thanks to Jade’s wonderful post below, I’ve started to revise my chapter. My thoughts about the revision thus far are available on my blog.