Stretching out in the Liminal Spaces

Here’s a brief response to this week’s readings and my thoughts on Wikipedia/creativity.. And a very funny picture of Heidegger!

Colorful Quotes . . . and an analysis

To wrap up the week on Second Life, I thought I would try a quick tetrad analysis.  But, since that might be boring by itself, I also threw in a dozen or so quotes about dreaming to extend my Second Life metaphor.

Pew…. Trolling.

In light of some new Pew data, I wrote a little more of my trolling essay. The philosophy really begins in the next section!

Suasory… Yes, Suasory, Indeed.

It must have been the end of a week for a tired philosophy major (i.e. me) because I didn’t seem to appreciate the Enculteration article I read… So someone should correct me!!

“Anti-Nietzsche” and the Trolls of Democracy

I try to make sense of a very complex book… Late at night after the Super Bowl… But I promise it at least has some funny pictures! And it involves my essay topic–TROLLING!

Tips for Freshly-Hatched Twitter-ers

Here are a few of my first impressions of Twitter in the form of advice… I’m a beginner, too, so feel free to disregard them. I also snuck in a short little tetrad analysis. Look for that to evolve as the week goes on.

Politics Getting Social… Sounds Scary…

In response to Levinson’s chapters on blogging and politics, I thought I’d feel for the current pulse of political social media-mania…. I found a picture of an afro-ed Obama smoking! Thank you, Internet 🙂  P.S. I try to use a little tetrad lingo, as well.