Tweeting, engaging, getting techie

Tweeting, social networking, being engaged with each other, getting techie: 100 points. 

In some courses, I would call this “class participation.”  I am going to ask you to do a number of small things to stay engaged with the class and each other throughout the course.  I’ve set up a Facebook group where we can share Facebook posts, discuss the readings, and reflect on courses readings.   I’m also going to ask you to Tweet and work on the craft of the “short form” via tweeting, status updates, photo sharing, and other quick hits.  Share insights from the course readings via a Tweet.  Take pictures of important quotes and share them on Instagram, then in our Facebook group.  During week 8, I’ll ask you to write a self-assessment of your class participation, although I will also give you feedback on your tweeting and networking throughout the course.

I don’t have a magic number of tweets, status updates and other items in mind, but if it seems to me that you aren’t engaging, I will encourage you to do more.  Quantity won’t be the only criteria.  I’ll also be looking for your application of ideas from SMSG and other sources. I used to use a book called 140 Characters, written by one of the co-founders of Twitter. He was an English major and organized his approach into the categories listed below. Pick up a cheap copy if you are interested.

Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6×6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)



Dialing in

Action posts

Reflection posts
Evocative posts

I’m going ask for a self-evaluation email to me by week 8 that does three things:

  1. assesses your short form work in the class so far (i.e. what would you score yourself out of 50). This should be based on your Twitter work, your Facebook work, any additional channel work (Google+, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, etc..)
  2. shares a plan for greater engagement (unless you think you are already performing at the highest level possible). Carefully articulate for yourself a Twitter plan, a Facebook plan, and alternative channel plans.
  3. identifies a target score out of 100, a goal for yourself on this assignment, which I will assess in week 16.



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