Week 13: Complete your Proposal! #ec457

April 11-17, 2018


Find a time your team can meet with me  April 16-20, to go over the draft of your proposal that you send me at least 12 hours in advance. I have set up a Google Calendar page for you to claim a time; make sure you pick a time that works for everyone on your team. If scheduling is a REALLY BIG BEAR, email me and we will try to get creative.

Complete your web content analysis and strategy plan (i.e. your proposal) as soon as you can after your meeting with me.  That might spill into week 14, but that’s okay.

  • Re-read the assignment sheet.
  • Read or re-read the model proposal.
  • Include elements that we have talked about / looked at: content analysis spread sheet, network map, editorial calendar, etc.

Read CSW “Success” (10-12). These chapters are a little light (i.e. short) and don’t offer great new tools like the content analysis spreadsheet or the editorial calendar, but they do offer a few key words of advice.

  • 10: You shouldn’t run into huge resistance because you have been invited to work with your organization, but you still need to pitch your project, get as many people as necessary excited about your strategic communication plan, definitely show concern / awareness of issues of workflow and efficiency, and you need to “ask in person” (167) when it comes to finalizing your plan with your org.
  • 11: Champion “content always” which should mean for the organization that the goal is never to tweet or blog, but to tell their story, share their information, build their community through the appropriate channels.  This chapter also encourages you, the reader, the content specialist to “Blog it UP!” which you absolutely have to do for this course.  You might follow some of the suggested content strategy bloggers (176).
  • 12: Hero is an avatar that might descend on you.  Join at least one of the groups mentioned on 180, follow the hashtag.

Featured Image -- 3562

Blog post #10: continue to develop your blog voice and presence, your hero / avatar. Find some people on Twitter who should read this post; build your network.


  • Interact with your org, by phone or email as necessary.
  • Interact with each other. Set a drafting plan, meet online or face to face as needed.
  • Interact with me by setting up a meeting and going over your draft.
  • Check out the groups and people mentioned in CSW and interact with them. You might think you don’t have the time, but you might also find out they give you ideas that save you time.
  • Be online: tell your stories, share your views, chose the right channels.


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