Assessment report, strategic plan, and collaboration resources

Assessment Resources:

To assess an organization’s current use of the web (1.0 through 3.0), be sure to:

1. list the tools they are using, and include this list as part of your assessment report.

2. Evaluate their use.  Don’t just go with your gut response, however; draw on the books you have been reading for this course.  SMSG has checklists for every tool.  Content Strategy for the Web has a whole chapter on analysis.

3. Talk to the organization about what they think is working and why, what is missing, what they would like to do.  As CSW says, “LISTEN.” Be careful with your evaluations; organizations might have spent a lot of time and money to get the sites the products they have, and a dismissive evaluation might get your working relationship off to rocky start.

4. A checklist like this one can be somewhat helpful, but you also need additional information to be able to determine if:

  • Our brand is represented well [how does one know?]
  • The design is professional [what = professional?]  presents us in the best light [how will one know when the best light has been achieved?].
  • Colors are used to convey our brand and aid in navigation [what do you know about warm colors, cool colors, primary, secondary, and tertiary?]

Strategic Planning Resources

Kate Bladow is going to mention the following resources in her guest video about using social media effectively in the non-profit sector.
Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Guide –  Really great background information on evaluations; however, most social media evaluations don’t need to be this in-depth or time consuming.
Idealware’s Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide
NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference – #12ntc
Kivi Leroux Miller’s Blog – The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure and What Komen Should Do Know to Rebuild Trust

Collaboration Tools.

TaskListV2.  A sample task list I generated for African Soul, American Heart when we were working on our documentary and trying to get fundraising started.  These kinds of lists can be adapted in all sorts of ways: you might start with a calendar (list each week because your project will be 5 or 6 weeks long) and list the tasks that need to get done that week.  The more detailed the task list, the more helpful it will be.

Legal stuff. Please complete the release form before visiting your org; please complete the contract at your first or second meeting.

Service Learning Contract


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