Media Ecology

Brock Azure

Media ecology has been around for a while, but I believe it has been given a huge breath of air due to the influx of social media websites. Not everyone reads a newspaper or website to get news, and if you’re like me, and are addicted to my social sites, you probably get a lot of your news from Facebook and Twitter.

For example, if something is happening in our world, it will most likely be a trending topic. During the Fall semester, University of Texas at Austin and NDSU were subjects to bomb threats, and I didn’t have class that day so I slept in a little later than usual. When I woke up, though, everyone was talking about these bomb threats and I realized it was probably just more safe to stay in bed for a couple more hours. This is the great thing about social media, is…

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Five years ago I would not have dreamed of having a phone with capabilities of todays newest technologies. Heck, five years ago I would have thought a computer with no actual key board was bananas. Or I would have thought having the internet on my phone was impossible for that matter. But, we live in a world of endless possibilities.

Technology is progressing so rapidly, even the baby boomers are coming around(Mansfield,72). Most nonprofit organizations are using outlets such as Facebook, twitter and other social media sites to their advantage in spreading their words of help, need and donations. A current non-profit organization site I am following on twitter is MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) This organization is a very well-known and highly visited museum in the world. I had the privilege of visiting  in 2005. Coincidently, while on my plane ride to New York,  I spotted a brochure highlighting the museum…

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I’ve been posting my Marathon Log to Facebook, but in the spirit of week 3, I realized that I could post to my personal blog, it would automatically repost to Facebook and Twitter, and I could re-enforce some of the principles we have been working on. My style–curt, almost telegraphic (I’m not much of a talker). A link to my fundraising efforts, and image. Takes a bit more effort to link and include an image, but makes a better post.

Kevin Brooks

Rode bike at the XerZone again tonight: 30 second sprints, 30 seconds steady for about 15 minutes, then steady until I hit 6 miles (21:30).  According to stationary bike / video game, still 10 minutes slower than Mr. Speedy, but only 1 minute slower than the 10th fastest rider.

Probably not a workout worthy of many donations, but $5 will get me to $100! 


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I don’t want to see your dirty laundry! Check out my page to see why and how this relates to style and facebook.


I haven’t had too much experience with blogging. I am more of a get in, get done, get over it type of gal. I like things simple and to the point. My impression of blogging was that it is an ongoing rant and rave about what is on your mind. Up until this class, I thouhgt a blog was kinda like an online journal/diary. I probably got that impression because my husband used to be an avid blogger who was and I believe still is subscribed to a blogging web site I once read one of his blogs and it reminded me of a journaling entry. He also had a lot of poetry in his blog. Years ago he would try over and over in attempt to sway my opinion on signing up for a blog but I felt it just wasn’t my cup of tea. As I said before…

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Electronic Communications

  • Who do I want to be online…


That seems like a silly question at first glance and for those that realize how I write will learn that I’ve been looking at that question for awhile now.  The fact of the matter is that I’ve never put too much stock into who I want to be online.  When I’m online, it’s not that I become a different person, I become… a virutal representation of myself, that is to say, nothing really changes.  There are some that perhaps become more violent or vocal online when they have the computer screen to hide behind… Jeph Jacque’s “Internet Argument” describes the behavior I’m talking about.  I simply am who I am, and a computer box (as my mother puts it) is simply another venue to share my own personality.  

Recently, I’ve considered who I should be online vs. who I am.  Since…

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EC457: A sample blog essay #2. I couldn’t find the right image, but wanted to share this with you before the start of the weekend.

Kevin Brooks

Two weeks into the semester, and I have my students blogging and tweeting.  For week two, I am specifically asking them to compare the long and the short form, the blog or webpage and the tweet or status update.  I’ve also been encouraging them to follow nonprofit organizations to see what they are doing with the long and short form writing.  I’m sharing my observations to give them a model.

I’ve been following nonprofits that do work in various African countries to see how they get their message out–trying to steal some ideas I can use with African Soul, American Heart.  “My ARms Wide Open” is a Vancouver-based organization that, according to its tagline, is “Empowering South African Communities.”

I was particularly drawn to their tweeting this week.  They made three data-point posts in a row:

  1. #GirlEffect: Approximately 1/4 of girls…

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a little bit about Heather’s social media history…


Hello fellow class mates of ec#457, My name is Heather Flute and I am an English major. I would like to go into a little bit of my social media experience. I first experienced social media through the good-old fashioned Hotmail instant messenger/chat. This was a break through technological advance in my home town when I was in high school and luckily, my parents were kind enough to get the internet hooked up through your phone line. remember that loud staticky noise dial-up connections would make? Yeah, thinking of that noise still makes me cringe.

I actually met my husband through Hotmail’s instant messaging and chat. Till this day neither of us know how we encountered each others emails? They just appeared. Strange, but  I guess it was fate.

Any who, my second experience with social media came in the form of sites called : Hi 5 and Bebo. I’m not…

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