Google Docs makes me :(

Like others in the class, I didn’t care for Google docs, so I’m posting my chapter to my blog. Check it out: HERE

Wikipedia FAIL 2 and Conflict of Interest!!!

Wikipedia DOES NOT LIKE ME. Also, why you can’t write a Wikipedia article about yourself. And why you can’t edit an article about Hitler if you’re a Nazi. HERE

A Wikipedia Experience

I talk a bit about my Wikipedia experience, and also impart a little story about someone making an untrue edit on a band’s Wikipedia page just for kicks.

Wikipedia FAIL

I attempt to add to an article about self-published writer Joe Konrath. FAIL. HERE


Wikipedia Game & Experience

Trying saying “with Wikipedia” five times fast, its hard!  You are being pulled into my blog!  Follow your urges, listen to the voices in your head, learn about my experiences and my version of the Wikipedia Game!

My Hot and Steamy Encounters with Wikipedia

Why I don’t think Wikipedia is a good-looking cite on a paper…and this funny picture of Colin Powell: