Google Docs makes me :(

Like others in the class, I didn’t care for Google docs, so I’m posting my chapter to my blog. Check it out: HERE

Wikipedia FAIL 2 and Conflict of Interest!!!

Wikipedia DOES NOT LIKE ME. Also, why you can’t write a Wikipedia article about yourself. And why you can’t edit an article about Hitler if you’re a Nazi. HERE

A Wikipedia Experience

I talk a bit about my Wikipedia experience, and also impart a little story about someone making an untrue edit on a band’s Wikipedia page just for kicks.

Wikipedia FAIL

I attempt to add to an article about self-published writer Joe Konrath. FAIL. HERE


Wikipedia Game & Experience

Trying saying “with Wikipedia” five times fast, its hard! ¬†You are being pulled into my blog! ¬†Follow your urges, listen to the voices in your head, learn about my experiences and my version of the Wikipedia Game!

My Hot and Steamy Encounters with Wikipedia

Why I don’t think Wikipedia is a good-looking cite on a paper…and this funny picture of Colin Powell: