Four Styles of Marketing on Twitter

Brock (Pokémon)

Brock linked to this post, “Four Styles of Marketing on Twitter” as part of his week 2 essay.  The post is worth sharing because I would give it an “A” in the course:

  • Strong voice, great second sentence: “The social media purists still sing campfire songs about how you can’t do it.” Harmless name-calling “purists!”–and vivid image of campfire singing.
  • Outstanding content: detailed, beautifully organized, informative, insightful, and thought-provoking: which style are you? Your favorite non-profit?
  • Decent image highly relevant to the content; very nicely designed post.
  • Tagged: see bottom of post.
  • Linked to great examples of each style of tweeting.
  • Shareable: it has received 5 tweets, 6 facebook posts, and Jason Falls has 63.5K followers on Twitter.

Sure, Falls doesn’t reference readings from the course, but he was ahead of his time.  The post was written in 2010, which is a nice feature of “the long form.”  Blog posts stick around; tweets don’t.  Something you write this semester might get a lot of traffic two or three years later. That’s really important for a business, a non-profit, or a person trying to make a living with blogging.

Thanks for finding this post, Brock.


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