The Best of Non-Profit Video Storytelling

The Best of Non-Profit Video Storytelling.

A pinterest collection about video storytelling.  Lots of examples, a few how-to documents, all perfect for our class.

Week 5: A video introduction to videos and photos

In this video, I mention Jing and Camtasia–screencast softare so you can make fabulous videos like mine!  They can both be found here.


Wikipedia FAIL 2 and Conflict of Interest!!!

Wikipedia DOES NOT LIKE ME. Also, why you can’t write a Wikipedia article about yourself. And why you can’t edit an article about Hitler if you’re a Nazi. HERE

12 ways to use Pinterest for your nonprofit

12 ways to use Pinterest for your nonprofit.

Detailed story how to use Pinterest for NP work, but also a great website resource for the second half of the semester.  Has articles like “A step-by-step guide to creating a media strategy” and “4 ways to tell a visual story for your nonprofit.”