Course Schedule

I will expand on this bare-bones schedule; please consult weekly lesson plans in order to understand all I am asking you to do each week.  My hope in sharing this full schedule with you is that you can get a sense of the whole course, the big picture.  Reading and writing suggestions are subject to change.

Week 1:
Read: Introduction and Chapter 1 of Social Media for Social Good (SMSG).
Read: Avatar Emergency Remix:
Write: Your “About” post: your history with social media in 400 words;  your future with social media: who do you want to become? what does your avatar look like? (blog essay #1).

Week 2:
Read: Chapter 2, 7 and 4 of SMSG
Read Part 1 of 140 Characters: Lead!
Write: About style: the long form and the short form. (Blog essay #2)

Week 3:
Read Chapter 3 of SMSG: Facebook.
Read Part 2 of 140 Characters: Value!
Read Facebook analytics post:
Write about the social networking strategies you see on Facebook: what do organizations do, why do you follow?  (Blog essay #3).

Week 4:
Read Part 3 of 140 Characters: Master!
Read Chapter 6 of SMSG: LinkedIN.
Check out website for SMSG and tweet at least one article / post you find interesting.
Catch up on a blog essay if you missed one.  Use what you have been learning from 140 Characters on Twitter and Facebook.  Emphasize the short form this week. Set up a LinkedIn account for yourself if you haven’t already.

Week 5:
Read Chapter 5 of SMSG: YouTube and Flickr.
Read Part 4 of 140 Characters: Evolve!
Read about nonprofits and Pinterest:
Read about nonprofits and Instagram.
Write / make a video blog essay about the use of visual storytelling during GHD.  (Blog essay #4)

Week 6:
Read chapters 8 and 9 of SMSG
Read Part 5 of 140 Characters: Accelerate!
Evaluate the work done by nonprofits during GHD  (Blog essay #5).

Week 7:
Read Chapters 10, 11, and Conclusion, especially the conclusion.
Read about Public Narratives.
Blog essay #6: write your public narrative; tell your story (another version of who is your avatar), ask us (the class) to do something important and creative on social media (now).

Week 8:
Re-read and review key concepts from both books.
Summary and response #2: “ReTweeting in the Service of Protest.”
Stay active on social media: keep practicing your use of Twitter, write an unprompted blog post, stay active in the Facebook group–with a purpose, not just being active.
Connect with a nonprofit.
Write self-evaluation memo or your Tweeting and getting techie.

Week 9:
Re-read and review key concepts from both books.
Write midterm exam (seriously).

Week 10:
Read Content Strategy for the Web (CSW) “Reality” (chapters 1-3)
Read Networked NonProfits (NNP) One and Two
Follow social media experts online: Beth Canter, Allison Fine, Heather Mansfield, Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach (although she is a Twitter resister), and Kivi Leroux Miller.
Individual blog post #7. Finding your voice, developing your avatar, creating your content.
Team report submitted to Kevin on your listening meeting with your organization.

Week 11:
Read CSW “Discovery” (4-6)
Read NNP Chapter 3-5.
Follow national and international organizations: Charity: Water; International Red Cross; Surfrider Foundation; Wounded Warrior Project. Or go all out and subscribe to my Twitter list for Networked Nonprofits:
Individual blog post#8.
Team audit and analysis of organization submitted to Kevin (and organization).

Week 12:
Read CSW “Strategy” (7-9)
Read NNP Chapter 6 & 7.
Extend your following of local nonprofits.  Subscribe to OnSharp’s Local Nonprofit List:
Blog essay #9.
Summary and response to Copelands’ “Crowdsourcing.” This might fit better next week.
Team content strategy plan draft submitted to Kevin .

Week 13:
Read CWS “Success” (10-12).
Read NNP Chapters 8 & 9.
Individual blog post #10.
Team content strategy plan submitted to Kevin and your organization.

Week 14:
Read NNP Chapters 10 and 11.
Individual blog post #11.
Team content development for your organization; submit report on development to Kevin.

Week 15:
Watch Clay Shirkey’s Ted Talk on Cognitive Surplus:
PP: What workflow issues / concerns did you run into on the project? Others and your own?
Team network development for your organization; submit report on development to Kevin.

Week 16:

PP: How might Shirkey’s ideas be relevant to the organization you are working with?
Find a scholarly article about social media for social good that you would like to summarize and respond to.  The scholarly article should look something like the three other articles I have assigned: 10+ pages, academic audience assumed; specialized, in-depth knowledge being created, not just tips and hints.

Week 17:
Write final evaluation of service learning project.
Write final exam worth 50 points.

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