Book Review(s)

The eternal question: “Which is better, New New Media or Networked Nonprofit?” I tackle the issue in my REVIEW.

Fair Use Explained

Here’s a link to a brief explanation of “fair use” when it comes to copyrighted images. Might be relevant to some of your projects.

Creating a “History” Page

Using the NSCA’s informative brochure, I tried to create an engaging, clear and concise history of the Sudanese conflict. Take a look! I struggled with tense because “Sudan”–as a country containing the southern region–doesn’t exist anymore. There’s Sudan and the Republic of Southern Sudan now. Additionally, I should find more statistics on the refugee/immigration rates. Hope everyone’s implementation is going well!.

Chapter Trolls

Check out my chapter on “Trolling!” I chose to upload it onto a “page” in my WordPress. The format was easier to deal with than GoogleDocs. Troll away!

All quiet on the Midwestern Front

It’s a little quiet around here these days so I thought I would post an excerpt from my chapter, “Active Citizenship in a Digital World“.

In this segment of my chapter, I discuss an article entitled “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be Tweeted” written by the great Malcolm Gladwell and why I think he is completely on the wrong side of history on the issue.

I know we are all extremely busy with the paper, mid-terms, etc. so I want you to know how awesome you would be if you managed to make time to read a small part and make a comment or two!


Virtual Insanity!

I’ve been waiting for someone to reference Jamiroquai… Read my blog and see what it (virtual insanity… not Jamiroquai) is all about!

Remix nation

Remix nation.

My latest thoughts on democracy, social media and you having a voice. Plus the remixer’s manifesto – how our current laws regarding copyright may not be good for anyone. . .Hollywood and the recording industry included.