Week 16: Wrapping Up content, summaries, and strategy plans.

May 2-8, 2018


  • Continue to create content for your organization and evaluate your work.
  • Complete your final summary and analysis.


  • Read SSM Chapter 19, “Arguing for a General Framework for Social Media Scholarship.”
  • Re-read any aspects of course texts that might help you with your projects. Get a head start on the final exam.
  • Read an academic article of your choice about social media or content strategy; summarize and respond.


  • Complete one more blog post if you fell behind.
  • Create or help your organization create more content.
  • Send me a self-evaluation of your content creation over the last three weeks; your score out of 50.  Send me a more general assessment of what worked well and what didn’t work so well with your web content strategy plan. Let me know if you plan to revise the plan for next week.


Your org, your team, me: the usual.  And don’t forget that I am going to ask your organization for a report on your work, from their perspective.  I won’t ask for a grade, just a report.



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