Chapter Trolls

Check out my chapter on “Trolling!” I chose to upload it onto a “page” in my WordPress. The format was easier to deal with than GoogleDocs. Troll away!

My “Finished” Draft

I finished my essay!  For those who want to check it out, here is the Google Doc link:

Of course, the fact that it’s in Google Docs makes it very tempting to keep going over it in case it still needs to be tweaked, but I’m trying to leave it alone.  This is spring break, after all!

All quiet on the Midwestern Front

It’s a little quiet around here these days so I thought I would post an excerpt from my chapter, “Active Citizenship in a Digital World“.

In this segment of my chapter, I discuss an article entitled “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be Tweeted” written by the great Malcolm Gladwell and why I think he is completely on the wrong side of history on the issue.

I know we are all extremely busy with the paper, mid-terms, etc. so I want you to know how awesome you would be if you managed to make time to read a small part and make a comment or two!


Trolls, Inc.

I’m continuing to write the first draft of my trolling essay… if you have time or you’re feeling prankish, check it out and let me know what you think!

Essay thought of the Day

I wrote a bit more of my essay–which can be seen in my GoogleDoc–and found myself confronted with an interesting idea. Is “context” (in general) extraordinarily difficult to peg online? Consider the troll: some of his comments might be considered comedic if presented in a comedic context (e.g. Comedy Club, sitcom), but is only made a “troll” due to the “inappropriate” context of the comedy… Perhaps he is invoking a kind of meta-comedy??

Late Night Essay Portion

Want to see a portion of my essay? I tried to combine some material from my wiki with my draft… It is late at night (for me)… I think it went OK.

One Last Second Life Post

I definitely forgot to post a link to my latest posts on here.  So here goes!  I posted about how Second Life might affect IRL relationships (there is also a quite long comment that gives a different perspective) and I wrote an additional post about one of my essay topics, 750 Words, giving a pretty detailed description of the site.