Google Docs makes me :(

Like others in the class, I didn’t care for Google docs, so I’m posting my chapter to my blog. Check it out: HERE

A Million Penguins

Since we’re still kind of talking about wikis, I thought I’d share about an experiment to create a wiki-novel.  Conclusion?  A million penguins aren’t the best at writing novels.


Wikid Encyclopedia!

Wikipedia can be a great starting point to starting a paper….Visit my blog to find out more!

Week 8 Screen Cast: Refactoring our wiki and drafting your essay

Wikipedia FAIL 2 and Conflict of Interest!!!

Wikipedia DOES NOT LIKE ME. Also, why you can’t write a Wikipedia article about yourself. And why you can’t edit an article about Hitler if you’re a Nazi. HERE

Refactoring Wisdom

I stumbled across this assessment of the “refactoring” process that contains a little pop-philosophy–enjoy:

“The test for Wiki refactoring is whether you end up happy in the end. Sociopaths will be happy that this test lets them do whatever they want, but no test can deter them from doing whatever they want anyhow. For the rest of us, the combination of liking an edit and being satisfied with the community’s response to it is as good a test as you’re going to get. Unlike the binary assertion of a unit test, the human test is full of gradations and mixed emotions. That’s how it is when dealing with social groups.

WikiRefactoringStories is great, bringing some of our Wiki wisdom up to date and extending the analogy (through reference to stories) in a very useful way.

A Wikipedia Experience

I talk a bit about my Wikipedia experience, and also impart a little story about someone making an untrue edit on a band’s Wikipedia page just for kicks.