Week 5: Giving Hearts Day strategies.

I don’t talk about this week’s work; instead I share some of the social media strategies we have been using with the Consortium and African Soul, American Heart.  I’ve got more I could say, and I’d love to discuss what you are seeing here and on social media with the groups you are following.

Week 3: Let’s be a community (and study how others build community)!

This week’s video is pretty much at 6.5 minute pep talk, encouraging you to join our Facebook Group, or talk to each other on Twitter, or interact.  Social Media for Social Good and Strategic Social Media can help you do those things, as well as study how our local nonprofits are trying to do those things.

Week 2 video: the long and short forms in social media

The video elaborates on the reading and writing tasks for this week.

Launching English 457, Social Media for Social Good, 2018 style.

Every time I teach this course, I try to improve my screen casting.  I’m going to try and add more text to my videos this time around, but I’m open to feedback. What would you like me to do / cover in my weekly screencast?

Week 6 screencast: distinguishing between blog posts 4 and 5. #ec457

This video will take 12 minutes of your life that you can’t get back; sorry.  But it might be worth it. Count the number of crazy arm gestures. Screencasting is hard, but I’m going to keep practicing.

Tagging a video blog or screencast is really important because search engines can’t find the keywords you use in your video.


Inside #givinghearts16 with The Arts Partnership

I stopped in at Atomic Coffee in downtown Fargo to see how my friend, Dayna Del Val, and The Arts Partnership staff were doing on Giving Hearts Day 2016. They said the right people have been stopping by; they had a computer set up so donors could jump online and make a donation. They were also giving out swag so I got a couple of travel mugs, some window clings, and a very cool set of sushi plates!  I asked Dayna if she would share the The Arts Partnership’s approach to Giving Hearts Day, not just the social media approach, and here is what she said.

Following nonprofits during #givinghearts16; keeping track on spreadsheets.

Hmm, my videos are getting longer, not shorter.  Maybe I need to use SnapChat.