Theory, Tools, and Practice: A 3-Part Book Review

For my book review, I added in some info about Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky.  If you want to read this 2,065-word post of awesomeness, click here!

Another Important Class Announcement

I’m ready to start receiving your New New Media chapters, but before you send them I need you to do me a few favors.  Go check out my blog for the specifics – thanks!

One More Post in the Flood of Incoming Posts

I didn’t want everyone to think that I wasn’t going to write a farewell post, so here is a post which will not be my last post.

Important Class Announcement

Are all of you ready to be published writers?  I’m going to collect our essays into an ebook for the class, but I need your input.  Please read my blog post and respond as soon as you can.  Thanks!

Not-so-perfect timing

There have been a lot of newsworthy items related to the New Sudanese Community Association . . . . unfortunately Dominic and I weren’t in a position to fully take advantage of them.  Read about what we could have done had our project already been completed and maybe get some ideas for your own non-profits.

No, going to a board meeting is scaaaary

Sorry to disappoint: contrary to Dominic’s post, I wasn’t actually wearing a suit at the board meeting.  However, I did gain a little insight into what it’s like to give a pitch at a board meeting–read about it here!

Assessment/Strategic Plan Doc

I know Dominic already shared the GoogleDoc of our assessment and project plan, but the share settings had been too strict.  I’ve made it more open now, so you can view it at this link: