Week 14: From plan to action. #ec457

I’ve fleshed out the schedule for this week. The learning is in the doing, although I am asking you to go back to the Networked NonProfit to read from Chapter 8 to the end.  Also note that I am asking you for your Tweeting, Engaging, Getting Techie self-assessment memo.  With classes delayed two hours, you should be able to stay up late and get all your work done!

The Book Reviews

My review of The Networked Nonprofit and New New Media, ahoy!

Book Review(s)

The eternal question: “Which is better, New New Media or Networked Nonprofit?” I tackle the issue in my REVIEW.

Networked Nonprofit vs. New New Media

After finishing both books, I reflect on the key differences and why Networked Nonprofit is more useful to the social media professional than New New Media.

Image Culture ☺

I realize that my reflections are later than perhaps they should be, but I wanted to utilize the concepts presented in the book(s) for our non-profit plans before the deadline. To that end, I decided to dedicate my “class time” to reading through the book once and now I will reflect as I read back over the notes and highlights I made when reading the book the first time.

In this post, I will reflect on the Levinson book, “New New Media,” and explore why I think the “Networked Nonprofit” is a better read overall.

Right off the bat, I have to say that Networked Nonprofit (NNP) was more engaging and readable than the Paul Levinson book (NNM), and I think that has to do with the contrasting approaches to the subject of Social Media/New Media.

Levinson explores the different media from an individual tools perspective. Each chapter represents a specific…

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Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

This isn’t specifically about our assignment, but it still caught my eye: A recent meme has been used to benefit a NPO.  Check out the info at my blog.

WordPress Handout

Dominic and I have been thinking about moving the New Sudanese Community Association to a blog like WordPress because they aren’t able to freely update their current website.  Since this is quite a big move, I wanted to give NSCA some information about WordPress.  I’ve created a GoogleDoc handout, and I want everyone to feel free to use it, improve it, or copy and tailor it for your specific needs.  I just threw it together tonight, so I’m sure I’m missing good information.  Here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zsdY_FInCesv3TTFCvZ52EG9bU_jeiMBZCQbsXR1Yo4/edit

More Networked Nonprofit STUFF!

My continuing review of Networked Nonprofit. It’s zany and fun and stuff. Not really. I think most of us are busy with our nonprofits. STUFF