Brief Progress Report

Check out my brief post as Jade and I transition from building up the site and FB to fostering sustainability.

Implemention Update

Here’s a brief overview of my work lately… Check it out!

Experimenting while Implementing (scaaaary)

While Jade is at the Board Meeting (he is the only member in the group who owns a suit), I decided to surf the TechSoup blogs and begin playing with our nonprofit’s WordPress. Here’s what I’ve discovered!

Project Status Update (i.e. “Hello!”)

Letting the WordPress community know that I am still alive (although I do seem to have a mild fever… good thing I can do this in my pjs!). Check out my blog where I analyze another non-profit’s WordPress site! Good luck to everyone this week!

Meeting with New Sudanese Community Association

Jade and I met with NSCA! Read my summary and let me know how it compares to your experiences. Thoughts? Advice?