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Hellos fellow Bloggers, once again Im fashionably late to the party. Which is sort of my story with my #style. You see I was a little behind when it came to developing my own style because it took me so long to interact with the so called “virtual world”. When it comes to my style I believe that Im pretty even keeled. Im not updating my #Facebook, #Twitter, or blog very often as you can plainly see. I normally keep things short and to the point, which is one of the first things I noticed when reading #140characters. Dom Sagolla mentioned that simplicity hides great complexity.

I think he obviously has a point. When it comes to Texting, Twitter, and Facebook, saying less is more. It is mean to be short and to the point. I mean if you look at most of the tweets today, they are abbreviated and right to the point and sometimes so abbreviated that I have no clue what people are talking about. The way I look at #social media is more for recreational purpose. You see Teenagers and young adults using the social media based web way more than the generation above them. I mean dont get me wrong Social media is still used for work purposes but I has been taken over by teenagers and young adults. I see it as something used more for laying around and being able to feel connected, since everyone today is so ADD that they need three different things going one at once. A perfect example is when people watch TV, think about how many times you have the TV on while you are on your computer and have your cell phone laying next to you.

I think that there is no bad way to utilize the internet or style of communication do the fact that it is always evolving. Sure right now there are more effective ways of using social media such as for marketing and communication. With the way the web is developing it is hard to tell how long a persons style or voice will stay the some. #ec457

NDSU Athletics trying to go viral

Perhaps we can use our expertise to help the NDSU Athletics program launch a viral video.  They are in competition with the other schools from the Summit League; they are looking for “likes.”

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?.

When I ask you to move your site from to an external host, this website will be a great resource.

3 Things I Learned From 140 Characters Part 3

  1. Timing is very important when considering when to Tweet. 140 Characters suggests that, if you have something very important to share, you should never Tweet it on a Monday or a Friday. 140 Characters suggests that the best time to Tweet is mid-morning or early afternoon on a Tuesday.
  2. It is easy to follow too many people on Twitter and become overwhelmed. 140 Characters suggests following 140 people who Tweet regularly so that you can have good communication.
  3. Be careful who you invite into your social network. Who you invite can affect the dynamic of your social network in both positive and negative ways. Instead of inviting everyone you know, take the time to consider what the cost of adding that person would be. If you invite the wrong person into your social network, the dynamic might change in a negative way. Removing them from your social network will have social implications. It is important to think carefully about who you invite into your social network and how their presence will affect the dynamic of your social network.

Media Ecology

Brock Azure

Media ecology has been around for a while, but I believe it has been given a huge breath of air due to the influx of social media websites. Not everyone reads a newspaper or website to get news, and if you’re like me, and are addicted to my social sites, you probably get a lot of your news from Facebook and Twitter.

For example, if something is happening in our world, it will most likely be a trending topic. During the Fall semester, University of Texas at Austin and NDSU were subjects to bomb threats, and I didn’t have class that day so I slept in a little later than usual. When I woke up, though, everyone was talking about these bomb threats and I realized it was probably just more safe to stay in bed for a couple more hours. This is the great thing about social media, is…

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Five years ago I would not have dreamed of having a phone with capabilities of todays newest technologies. Heck, five years ago I would have thought a computer with no actual key board was bananas. Or I would have thought having the internet on my phone was impossible for that matter. But, we live in a world of endless possibilities.

Technology is progressing so rapidly, even the baby boomers are coming around(Mansfield,72). Most nonprofit organizations are using outlets such as Facebook, twitter and other social media sites to their advantage in spreading their words of help, need and donations. A current non-profit organization site I am following on twitter is MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) This organization is a very well-known and highly visited museum in the world. I had the privilege of visiting  in 2005. Coincidently, while on my plane ride to New York,  I spotted a brochure highlighting the museum…

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Week 4: Professionalizing (plus all those other things I said week 4 would be about).

I kept this video under 10 minutes; I’m sure we are all relieved.