“It’s Not About Finding Your Voice, It’s About Giving Yourself Permission to Use Your Voice” -Kris Carr

When will my avatar show, who I am, outside.

Camille Forlano

Developing my avatar, or my online persona, has been weighing heavily on my mind recently after already submitting to and continuing the search for summer internships. As an English major with a minor in PR and Advertising, I have applied to a broad spectrum of positions, all which center arounMulanReflection1d the focus on a strong social media presence and understanding as well as a demonstrated portfolio of online work. I want to focus on writing more material as the semester finishes out in hopes to
further develop my avatar, as well as focus on how I write on my blog, versus for other assignments or genres. Often I become too picky about what I am writing about, or do not want to ruffle any feathers, resulting in nothing being written at all. I need to gain the confidence I want to support my avatar, including writing more online versus for…

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“A picture’s worth a thousands words but they don’t tell the whole story.”-Jennifer Brown

TA's Teach Humanity

What’s in a profile picture? (I would continue this cheesy Shakespeare quote, but I’ll leave that to the Bard himself). Lately, I have been curious about the idea of a profile picture and how important it is for your Facebook profile– How important would it be for a nonprofit to have an attention getting profile picture? Who sees your profile picture? What does your profile picture say about you? That’s a lot of questions to start out a blog, but I am hoping to answer a least a few of them.

I did a little research and came across an article for the Washington Post that answered some of my questions and I thought I would compile main points and my analysis here:

A lot (if not most) of your impression online is dictated by your profile picture.

Scrolling through your timeline, what do you think the first thing that catches…

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The Power of Personal Connection

Jessica Heuer


Personal relationships and networks have always been an important part of getting ahead in life.  As the saying goes “It’s not what you do, it’s who you know”- a little reaching in some aspects but as far as careers go I have definitely found this to be true.  In this week’s reading I realized that the world of networked nonprofits and web design is no different- what is most important is the relationships organizations make with their users and the network those users have that may support the organization.

The Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine discusses at length the importance of these relationships in its first chapters, “They [networked nonprofits] engage in conversation with people beyond their walls to build relationships that spread their work through the network” (3).   Each individual volunteer shares their experiences with an organization with their own personal network of friends, colleagues, etc…

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Content Analysis of Charity: Water + Five Takeaways

Charity Water any one?


Charity Water is a non-profit organizations that takes non-profiting to a whole new level! There mission is to provide clean drinking water to every person on the planet, which by the way is not a very easy task. Some of the key things that pop up when you head to there website is the amount of reassurance they give you on where your funds are going. The big struggle with being a non-profit is gaining trust from your donators. They want to know that there funds are going to make a difference and not just be put in someone else pocket. I think that these guys have hit this right on the spot. They have multiple spots that jump reassuring that 100% of your funds go to the process of providing clean water for those in need.

So what what social media platforms do they use that make them so…

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The Free Agent



Social media has been changing our world for around a decade now.  Many people are connected to each other and able to share information about organizations and events with just a few clicks.  Private companies and nonprofits have been able to reach huge masses of people twenty-four hours a day now.  The postman was once revered for getting communication across regardless of environmental conditions, and now anyone can direct information to recipients without leaving the comfort of home.  The experimentation of what works and what doesn’t on different platforms of social media for communication with the masses is ongoing and continuous.  New websites are continuously infiltrating efforts of communication, and users of these platforms quickly learn how to get information to others in a plethora of new and creative ways.  Nonprofits are some of the first groups to embrace all the variety of platforms and come up with exciting ways…

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