When will my avatar show, who I am, outside.

Camille Forlano

Developing my avatar, or my online persona, has been weighing heavily on my mind recently after already submitting to and continuing the search for summer internships. As an English major with a minor in PR and Advertising, I have applied to a broad spectrum of positions, all which center arounMulanReflection1d the focus on a strong social media presence and understanding as well as a demonstrated portfolio of online work. I want to focus on writing more material as the semester finishes out in hopes to
further develop my avatar, as well as focus on how I write on my blog, versus for other assignments or genres. Often I become too picky about what I am writing about, or do not want to ruffle any feathers, resulting in nothing being written at all. I need to gain the confidence I want to support my avatar, including writing more online versus for…

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