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When going over the books for the final, they both worked in their own way and together. Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson, Melissa Rach, introduced the problem, solution and then the steps to achieve it through research, people and strategy all revolving around the web. The Networked Non-Profit by Beth Kanter, Allison Fine, got you used to non-profits, the struggles they face and then taught you how to work with and around any problems you may face when helping or being a non-profit organization. Both of these work perfectly for this class since we are working with non-profits with the web.

Both novels highly encourage working closely with your audience and the people you are working with. Content Strategy for the Web pointed out that we often “make deadly assumptions” and a great way to avoid making these mistakes is to get close with your audience that you are trying…

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Scheduling and Workflow

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This is something almost everyone can relate to, especially students.

There’s usually two ways of scheduling your workflow. Either doing the jobs or assignments you need to do ahead of time, or doing them the day before. Both have their pros and cons. Doing it ahead of time allows you the extra time to plan, work, and complete the job/assignment. But it can take more time, and the lack of motivation can result in a worst output. Doing it the day before, gives the most motivation to get the job done but can be rushed and flawed.

Using social media, we can often get distracted from our duties and waste countless hours online. So let’s use social media to help us get on a better schedule for doing our jobs, whether their chores, schoolwork, or anything really. If you want to be on social media, I’d recommend setting up a…

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Reflecting Yourself

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At the end of a semester, there is a lot to talk about in this category. I can reflect school achievements, goals, and hopes (I see goals and hopes as different, goals are like ice, easy to make, common and nothing special, where hopes are like snowflakes, unique, beautiful, numerous and hard to hold on to).

As for achievements, I have successfully gotten through the semester completing all assignments (that may not seem like an accomplishment but in the end, its  a lot of work all together and we should be proud of it). Each assignment is like one snowflake, but add them all up and you can make anything you imagine. I was able to get a second interview for my summer internship (I’d say that’s worth at least 5 good assignments). And I successfully balanced work and school for a year now, especially during my busiest semester yet…

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Having a Clear Message and Voice

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Miscommunication is a common problem in today’s society, especially with technology. Its often hard to read the tone of the writer when online, and this can lead to miscommunication by not being able to tell if the writer is being sarcastic, just joking around, actually angry, or any other possible emotion. This led to the creation of multiple different methods to express the tone of the statement. One great example is emoji’s found on almost every phone and social media site. Other is one that we met not even notice that we do. We all have unspoken rules we texting now, like how sending a text with a period at the end can imply unhappiness, like “fine.” or “OK.”.

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A fun quote I remember from the Netflix show “Unbreakable” states “the internet doesn’t talk like normal people, it talks like Chandler from Friends”. Implying the sarcastic tone that many online…

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My Core Strategy

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When networking with others, groups or individuals connect with them. ASHS recommends creating a core strategy that can be used to properly manage your time and and use social media sites for the best and if they are not working well, to use something else entirely. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can’t get it to snow in Hawaii, so you are better off putting your efforts in another place for the best results.

A more common example would be to stop using Instagram or Twitter if you aren’t getting followers on it. Instead put more effort into the sites that are working well for your cause. Due to its popularity and user friendly interface, Facebook is always a good option and often successful. But even if these are all failing, its better to work as a community and use others means if its not successful, from news letters…

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Whats your network?

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When mapping an organization’s network, I noticed that the connections they have can reflect on the connections I have with other organizations. Chapter 3 in NNP talks about how the network can provide an inventory of content, and I feel like it can do the same for individual people, so why not judge myself.

My network is divided into 4 different categories, which are expenses (shopping), hobbies, work, and school. I like to think of my network as an intricate snowflake branching out in unique ways. The expenses branch has 2 sections of online (more like fun buying) and in store(needed items like food, cleaning supplies etc). For online, I interact with Ebay and Amazon. For in store shopping I rely on the cheap, 1 stop shop of Walmart.

The next branch is hobbies which is usually online sites and forums. For all my League of Legends information, I…

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How do we grow?

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As we look at life we often see 2 different things. If we are bored and just looking at recent events, life can be going slow. But once we look back, a month, a year or even more, it just seems like life is flying by. So this is where we need to take advantage of that. Anytime you feel like life is slow or boring, do something crazy, something out of your comfort zone.


As we go through life, I recommend not holding back because whether you like it or not life goes by fast and even if the memories you create might be embarrassing or weird, when you look back at them, they can become awesome memories, fun stories and overall they help you grow. Think about every memory of your life as a part of a snowman, and with every awesome or embarrassing adventure you go on…

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