Week 14: From plan to action. #ec457

April 18-24, 2018

Goal: move from plan to action.  Get approval to move forward from your organization and then follow through.


SSM: “Integrating Old with New” Chapter 17.


Blog post #11.  You have lots of freedom, as always, but as CSW says, once you become a content strategy specialist, share your work. SSM’s chapter is going to encourage you to reflect one more time on your life in social media, and consider ways in which you might build a sustainable social media strategy.

Create content for or with your organization.  That might mean starting a new channel for them, or walking them through the steps of how to create Facebook posts that can be released or posted at a specific time.  Each member of your team should be doing something each week to advance the web content strategy you have drafted and shared with your organization.

If you haven’t completed your summary and analysis of Adam Copeland’s article on crowdrising, this should be the week to get that done.

If you have fallen behind with any elements of the Service Learning project, use this week to try and finish up the formal documents so you can produce content for and with your organization next week.


  • Keep interacting with your organization: check in when needed.
  • Keep interacting with me: Facebook, email, social media.
  • Keep developing your online identity  / avatar: share your work with others, maybe others will help you get your work done.


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