Week 15: Workflow and Network Development #ec457

April 25-May 1, 2018


  • execute your plan: generate content or help your org generate content
  • pay attention to work flow: yours, your orgs, in general
  • develop your organization’s network


  • Read SSM Chapter 18, “Social Media for Social Behavior Change.”
  • Watch Clay Shirkey’s Ted Talk on Cognitive Surplus: http://www.ted.com/talks/clay_shirky_how_cognitive_surplus_will_change_the_world.html
  • Find an academic article of interest to you and of relevance to the class; summarize and respond either this week or next.
  • Keep reading / re-reading the other texts for the class as relevant to your work for your organization. Look ahead to week 17 and see what I am looking for on the final exam.


  • Blog post #12. Free to post on topic of your choice or reflect on workflow and developing networks.
  • Each team member should still be developing content or helping your organization develop content.
  • This might be a good week for you to summarize and respond to an academic article of interest to you.


  • Interact with your group members, organization, and me.
  • Use social media to help you do your work (and have fun).
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