Week 15: Workflow and Network Development #ec457

April 27-May4, 2016


  • execute your plan: generate content or help your org generate content
  • pay attention to work flow: yours, your orgs, in general
  • develop your organization’s network


  • Read NNP chapter 10 – conclusion.  Chapter ten’s concept of moving from “friending to funding” is particularly relevant to expanding your organization’s network. See if you can do some storytelling for your organization (142). And while you won’t have a lot of say about “governance” you might be able to talk with your organization about how they want to “govern” their website, their social media channels, and other services like Drop Box and Google Docs.
  • Watch Clay Shirkey’s Ted Talk on Cognitive Surplus: http://www.ted.com/talks/clay_shirky_how_cognitive_surplus_will_change_the_world.html
  • Find an academic article of interest to you and of relevance to the class; summarize and respond either this week or next.
  • Keep reading / re-reading the other texts for the class as relevant to your work for your organization. Peak ahead to week 17 and see what I am looking for on the final exam.


  • Blog post #12. Free to post on topic of your choice or reflect on workflow and developing networks.
  • Each team member should still be developing content or helping your organization develop content.
  • This might be a good week for you to summarize and respond to an academic article of interest to you.


  • Interact with your group members, organization, and me.
  • Use social media to help you do your work (and have fun).
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