Final Review: Two Required Textbooks, One Girl, and One Online Class

Natalia, But Online

Compare and contrast Content Strategy for the Web and the Strategic Social Media.  Explain how they complement each other by identifying at least two key areas of overlap (with reference to specific ideas and pages in the book) and a strength of each book that is definitely not a strength, or not covered in the other book (specific ideas and pages also noted).  In other word, probably 4  sections, two sections on overlap, one section about a CSW strength and one section about a SSM strength.   You might end up with a 1500-2000 word post.  Develop it over the course of the short week, not all in one sitting Sunday May 13th.

This semester has been hard. Not just, “hard” as in I have to stay up a little late to get things done or maybe study a couple extra hours than normal. I mean exhausting, constant work, running…

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Collected Posts

I may have forgotten to reblog a couple of posts. Instead of filling up everyone’s feed with many, many notifications I’m just going to make a master post of all my new content. Feel free to browse at your leisure!

Cats Cradle Shelter

D&D: Why You Should Play

Who I am Online

A Voice that Matters: Content Strategy for the Web (FINAL)

Binging with Babish: An Analysis

Strategic Social Media and Content Strategy: Strengths of Both

Here’s my final exam! What an awesome semester, you guys!

New Ways to Think about Social Change

Although L. Meghan Mahoney and Tang Tang’s book Strategic Social Media: From Marketing to Social Change and Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach’s Content Strategy for the Web approach marketing and social media from slightly different angles, they share many strengths and discuss many of the same things.

For instance, both these books discuss the importance of continued involvement between businesses and/or nonprofits and their users after the initial encounter. Halvorson and Rach even include a list of tips encouraging engagement amongst an organization and their audience:

  • “Communicate and encourage participation: Schedule regular meetings, host workshops, send regular updates, have Q&A sessions, etc. Be consistent as clockwork–it’s another way to inspire trust.
  • Listen and respond: Always take the stakeholders seriously. Respond to their ideas and insights in a respectful, timely way.
  • Distribute documentation: Make sure people always have documentation in hand–so they can follow along in meetings and have reference materials…

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Learning From Others: Textbooks That Are Actually Worth The Purchase (Final)

Here’s my final blog post. Thanks for a great semester!

Ashley McCoy

In a majority of the courses I have taken throughout my time at NDSU I have found that the professor rarely incorporates the textbook as much as I would like, especially for the price I typically have to pay for them. I have countless expensive textbooks sitting on my shelf untouched after a semester of only using the book for an exam or a quick reference in a final paper. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I utilized the three textbooks required for this ENGL 457 course. I referenced and referred to each book countless times when writing my blog posts or when working on a social media project for RACCFM.

Social Media for Social Good: A How to Guide for Nonprofits by Heather Mansfield offered great insight into the “why” of social media platforms and usage in nonprofit organizations. Mansfield’s writing allowed me to begin to…

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A Winter Story

Natalia, But Online

It was  6:05 PM, and she knew she said she was going to be there at 6 o’clock. But 6 o’clock came a little too fast, and beauty takes time (according to the tube of red lipstick that refused to look just the way she wanted it to tonight). Rushing out of the door, she grabbed the essentials that an evening in December called for: a scarf (red, checkered), a hat, a pea coat (the kind you wear when you’re willing to suffer through the cold to avoid looking like a marshmallow. That kind), and some old Sorrel boots paired with her warmest wool socks, because what Sorrels offer in durability they sadly lack in warmth. One last glance in the mirror.  

She grabbed her Tupperware of homemade chocolate chip cookies and bounced out the door. It was already dark, typical for that time of the month, and Marshall Avenue was dead silent. This wasn’t an ordinary kind of…

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“An Invitation to Believe Better Things”

Natalia, But Online

When I was 17, I read a poem that touched my heart in my junior year, and continues to fuel my hope for the future. It’s written by Jamie Tworkowski, and I definitely found it on Tumblr. My 17 year old heart had experienced what I thought was the most crushing heart break, what I thought was the hardest year of my life, and was scared for what the future had for me. My 21 year old heart now knows that I hadn’t seen anything, and still haven’t seen anything. When times are tough, I like to bring back my old blogging website and remember my favorite quotes from high school. The following was a special one:

“You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need…

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How To: Natalia’s Favorite Food (Hint, it’s Salsa and Chips)

Natalia, But Online

For today’s blog post, I’d like to switch things up a little bit. You don’t really know me if you don’t know about my love for Mexican food. Today, I’m going to teach you all how to make my ABSOLUTE, hands down, favorite food of all time: salsa and chips. It’s never too late to learn new things, and never too late to try making new foods for you and your roommates (or family! Or significant others! Or heck, just eat it all yourself!)


-2 Roma Tomatoes (any kind can do, but I prefer the size and taste of these bad boys. And they’re relatively inexpensive!)

-1 White Onion

-1 Jalapeno

-1 Lime

-1 Bundle of Cilantro

-1 Bag of Tortilla Chips (I prefer Tostito’s above all, but any will do!

-A Couple Sprinkles of Salt (Optional)

My mom and I started a tradition of going to out for…

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