Week 17: Final everything

May 9-14, 2018.

These are all goals:

  1. Finish any remaining blog posts.  You should end up with 12 total; six from the first half, six from the second half.  Only the best 5 from the second half will count towards your 150 point total for the second half.
  2. Finish your tweeting, engaging, getting techie memo to me if you haven’t completed it: 50 points for your second half work on the on the line, and I’d even accept requests for 50+ if you really find your stride with social media during the second half of the course.  I’d accept a little “techie flourish” at the end of the semester if you want to try moving your blog to GoDaddy or BlueHost, if you want to give it one more make-over that will give you the right look, if you’d like to develop your Linked IN profile and add “consultant” to your identity (ask me to endorse skills).
  3. Revise and resubmit your web content strategy plan to me and your organization if you learned some things over the final three weeks that will improve the plan and the document.
  4. Final Exam: One blog post worth 50 points.

Compare and contrast Content Strategy for the Web and the Strategic Social Media.  Explain how they complement each other by identifying at least two key areas of overlap (with reference to specific ideas and pages in the book) and a strength of each book that is definitely not a strength, or not covered in the other book (specific ideas and pages also noted).  In other word, probably 4  sections, two sections on overlap, one section about a CSW strength and one section about a SSM strength.   You might end up with a 1500-2000 word post.  Develop it over the course of the short week, not all in one sitting Sunday May 13th.

All work must be completed by 8:00 am Monday May 14th.  I have to get my grades in by noon on Tuesday. You are, of course, welcome to compete this work as soon as you can.

On tonight's reading list

On tonight’s reading list (Photo credit: tackyspoons)

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