Non Profit Networking with WordPress

After reading NNP, I continue to see the advantages of using WordPress. Check it out!

Meeting with New Sudanese Community Association

Jade and I met with NSCA! Read my summary and let me know how it compares to your experiences. Thoughts? Advice?

My First Podcast

As Dominic and I prepare to meet with the executive director of the New Sudanese Community Association, I did a little bit of research.  And instead of just writing about my research experience, I decided to let you listen to the deep, dulcet tones of my voice.

Questions for Nonprofits

Check out my brief list of questions to consider asking your non profit!

Non-Profit Exploration

I checked out the website for the New Sudanese Community Association and read a few blogs on TechSoup! Check out my thoughts!

Using Twitter

I’ve been following a few NPOs on Twitter and tried to pick up on a few tricks–check out this blog post to see what I’ve noticed so far.

Free Social Media Campaign Toolkit!

Hello everyone in EC457 and Welcome Back!

I was stumbling around over on and came across this awesome toolkit that we could use when planning our social media campaigns. It even comes with a checklist!

Check out what I wrote on my blog and then go download the free toolkit!

Good Luck in the second half of the semester!