Week 4: Catching up, assessing, moving forward.

Week 4: Jan 31-Feb 6th, 2018

Learning goals:

  • Assess what you have done and learned so far; fill in any blanks or make adjustments as needed.
  • Flesh out / solidify your online persona by establishing or developing your LinkedIn profile / persona. Draw on your avatar!
  • Catch-up if you are behind and get out in front of Summary and Response #1. The academic article John Gallagher’s “The Rhetorical Template” is available in Blackboard > Assignments.  The summary should be completed by Tuesday February 6th.


  • Chapter 4 of SSM: Mobilizing your audience!
  • Chapter 6 of SMSG: Linked In.
  • John Gallagher’s “The Rhetorical Template.”
  • Catch up on any readings you haven’t completed yet. If you revise posts, draw on class texts.


  • Set up a LinkedIN account if you haven’t already and start to flesh out your online CV.  Think carefully about the persona you are building online. Add the Linked In link to your WordPress site.
  • Write a summary of John Gallagher’s “The Rhetorical Template” by February 6th.  Assignment is here.
  • Focus on the short form this week as a way to connect with the class and continue to build our community.  Be active on Twitter: share your favorite insights from Strategic Social Media about “mobilizing your audience.”  See if you can mobilize your classmates.   Join the Facebook group: ask for help, share insights, have fun getting to know your classmates online identity.
  • Rewrite a blog essay (#1-3) if you received a score you would rather replace, or finish a blog essay if you are behind schedule.  Take a week off from writing a blog essay if it is more important for you to catch up on other things.
  • If you’d rather keep moving and not revise, write a bonus blog post that analyzes how local nonprofits are trying to mobilize their audience.  Apply SSM; this post score will replace your lowest score so far.
  • Re-design or flesh out the design for your WordPress site.  Include appropriate visually interesting components, make sure you have categories and/or tags being displayed, pull your Twitter feed into you blog, develop a blog roll, make sure your blog posts are feeding Twitter, etc.. Learn from John Gallagher. Make your avatar visible to your readers.


  • Set up an online conference with me this week.  We can talk about your work so far; you can ask questions about the work ahead.  Get a Skype account and look for kabbie13 (Fargo) or use Zoom, the hottest tool in online conferencing.  Face-to-face would be acceptable.
  • Continue to interact with each other on Twitter or Facebook.  Get used to using HootSuite or TweetDeck or get fast moving between services.
  • Focus your following on at least two of the NEW to Giving Hearts Day non-profits really closely this week and next. Look for an organization that seems to have a strategy, and one that might be struggling a bit.  Remember that the ones that are struggling might become your client in the second half of the course.  Help out these organizations; bring them new followers, help mobilize their audience.  Be a consultant without portfolio!


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