Week 4: Cathing up, assessing, moving forward.

Week 4: Feb. 3-9, 2016.

Learning goals:

  • Assess what you have done and learned so far; fill in any blanks or make adjustments as needed.
  • Flesh out / solidify your online persona by establishing or developing your LinkedIn profile / persona.
  • Catch-up if you are behind and get out in front of Summary and Response #1. The academic article John Gallagher’s “The Rhetorical Template” is available in Blackboard > Assignments.


  • Part 3 of 140 Characters.
  • Chapter 6 of SMSG: Linked In.
  • John Gallagher’s “The Rhetorical Template.”
  • Catch up on any readings you haven’t completed yet.


  • Set up a LinkedIN account if you haven’t already and start to flesh out your online CV.  Think carefully about the persona you are building online.
  • Focus on the short form this week.  Really try out what you have been learning in 140 Characters and from model organizations.
  • Rewrite a blog essay (#1-3) if you received a score you would rather replace, or finish a blog essay if you are behind schedule.  Take a week off from writing a blog essay if it is more important for you to catch up on other things.
  • Re-design or flesh out the design for your WordPress site.  Include appropriate visually interesting components, make sure you have categories and/or tags being displayed, pull your Twitter feed into you blog, develop a blog roll, make sure your blog posts are feeding Twitter, etc.. Learn from John Gallagher.


  • Set up an online conference with me this week.  We can talk about your work so far; you can ask questions about the work ahead.  Get a Skype account and look for kabbie13 (Farg0) or use Facetime (kabbie@mac.com).  Face-to-face would be acceptable.
  • Continue to interact with each other on Twitter or Facebook.  Get used to using HootSuite or TweetDeck or get fast moving between services.
  • Follow your 3 non-profits really closely this week and next.  Take good notes in your spreadsheet.  Check out my spreadsheet now and then to see how I am doing.

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