Not-so-perfect timing

There have been a lot of newsworthy items related to the New Sudanese Community Association . . . . unfortunately Dominic and I weren’t in a position to fully take advantage of them.  Read about what we could have done had our project already been completed and maybe get some ideas for your own non-profits.

Experimenting while Implementing (scaaaary)

While Jade is at the Board Meeting (he is the only member in the group who owns a suit), I decided to surf the TechSoup blogs and begin playing with our nonprofit’s WordPress. Here’s what I’ve discovered!

Project Status Update (i.e. “Hello!”)

Letting the WordPress community know that I am still alive (although I do seem to have a mild fever… good thing I can do this in my pjs!). Check out my blog where I analyze another non-profit’s WordPress site! Good luck to everyone this week!

WordPress Handout

Dominic and I have been thinking about moving the New Sudanese Community Association to a blog like WordPress because they aren’t able to freely update their current website.  Since this is quite a big move, I wanted to give NSCA some information about WordPress.  I’ve created a GoogleDoc handout, and I want everyone to feel free to use it, improve it, or copy and tailor it for your specific needs.  I just threw it together tonight, so I’m sure I’m missing good information.  Here’s the link:

Non Profit Networking with WordPress

After reading NNP, I continue to see the advantages of using WordPress. Check it out!

Meeting with New Sudanese Community Association

Jade and I met with NSCA! Read my summary and let me know how it compares to your experiences. Thoughts? Advice?

My First Podcast

As Dominic and I prepare to meet with the executive director of the New Sudanese Community Association, I did a little bit of research.  And instead of just writing about my research experience, I decided to let you listen to the deep, dulcet tones of my voice.