Wondering when one social media service will be one too many

Wondering when one social media service will be one too many.

A short post to kick off week 4. Now to work on the screencast.

Library of Congress Archiving Tweets

I think it’s an excellent way to record the evolution of that culture. What do you think?

Worst. Fan. Ever.

Gotta be honest: I’m not a fan of being a fan.  Try as I might, I couldn’t think of any celebrities I would want to follow on Twitter.  So, I have to ask: is that all that Twitter is good for?  Here’s a blog post where I think about the usefulness of Twitter (and have a flashback of a classic Disney move).

Can You Afford College?

Came across this documentary about inflation and the College Conspiracy with the government. If you think tuition prices are getting out of hand and want some interesting input, come read my blog!

Tips for Freshly-Hatched Twitter-ers

Here are a few of my first impressions of Twitter in the form of advice… I’m a beginner, too, so feel free to disregard them. I also snuck in a short little tetrad analysis. Look for that to evolve as the week goes on.


Whats the new face of Obama’s 2012 campaign strategy? Want to see your President break out a little Al Green?
I thought so.

Week 3 screencast: what have we learned so far?

I hope this screen cast is useful; if not, be sure to read my textual account of what we have learned on my personal page.