Experimenting while Implementing (scaaaary)

While Jade is at the Board Meeting (he is the only member in the group who owns a suit), I decided to surf the TechSoup blogs and begin playing with our nonprofit’s WordPress. Here’s what I’ve discovered!

Chapter Trolls

Check out my chapter on “Trolling!” I chose to upload it onto a “page” in my WordPress. The format was easier to deal with than GoogleDocs. Troll away!

Trolls, Inc.

I’m continuing to write the first draft of my trolling essay… if you have time or you’re feeling prankish, check it out and let me know what you think!

Essay thought of the Day

I wrote a bit more of my essay–which can be seen in my GoogleDoc–and found myself confronted with an interesting idea. Is “context” (in general) extraordinarily difficult to peg online? Consider the troll: some of his comments might be considered comedic if presented in a comedic context (e.g. Comedy Club, sitcom), but is only made a “troll” due to the “inappropriate” context of the comedy… Perhaps he is invoking a kind of meta-comedy??

Virtual Insanity!

I’ve been waiting for someone to reference Jamiroquai… Read my blog and see what it (virtual insanity… not Jamiroquai) is all about!

Essay Intro: Rough Draft

Okay, it is definitely bad blogging strategy to post two rather long blogs within 24 hours… but when the writing hits the fingers, you just gotta type! Please let me know what you think of the rough draft to my essay’s introduction!

Trolling Justin Bieber

My Internet existence has been reduced to such base depravity¬†as haunting and trolling Justin Bieber fans… Check it out on my blog!