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My review of The Networked Nonprofit and New New Media, ahoy!

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The eternal question: “Which is better, New New Media or Networked Nonprofit?” I tackle the issue in my REVIEW.

Blogging and Twitter ahoy!

My personal strategic plan for new new media: HERE

Networked Nonprofit vs. New New Media

After finishing both books, I reflect on the key differences and why Networked Nonprofit is more useful to the social media professional than New New Media.

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I realize that my reflections are later than perhaps they should be, but I wanted to utilize the concepts presented in the book(s) for our non-profit plans before the deadline. To that end, I decided to dedicate my “class time” to reading through the book once and now I will reflect as I read back over the notes and highlights I made when reading the book the first time.

In this post, I will reflect on the Levinson book, “New New Media,” and explore why I think the “Networked Nonprofit” is a better read overall.

Right off the bat, I have to say that Networked Nonprofit (NNP) was more engaging and readable than the Paul Levinson book (NNM), and I think that has to do with the contrasting approaches to the subject of Social Media/New Media.

Levinson explores the different media from an individual tools perspective. Each chapter represents a specific…

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Google Docs makes me :(

Like others in the class, I didn’t care for Google docs, so I’m posting my chapter to my blog. Check it out: HERE

A Wikipedia Experience

I talk a bit about my Wikipedia experience, and also impart a little story about someone making an untrue edit on a band’s Wikipedia page just for kicks.

Wikipedia FAIL

I attempt to add to an article about self-published writer Joe Konrath. FAIL. HERE