Got Milk? or Essay?

I’m really thirsty is their any virtual milk I can drink?:P  Any ways enjoy my essay via google docs!

Google Docs makes me :(

Like others in the class, I didn’t care for Google docs, so I’m posting my chapter to my blog. Check it out: HERE

Wikipedia FAIL 2 and Conflict of Interest!!!

Wikipedia DOES NOT LIKE ME. Also, why you can’t write a Wikipedia article about yourself. And why you can’t edit an article about Hitler if you’re a Nazi. HERE

Get a second life!

They told me to “get a life!” Now I find out I have to get a second one! What am I supposed to do with all these lives? Also, why avatars are creepy HERE

Google+ vs. Facebook

Other people have written about the similarities and differences between Google+ and Facebook.  Read what I think about it on my blog.

Thoughts About Google+

I know others have posted about their experiences with Google+.  Come and read what I think about it on my blog!

Google+ Apathy and Ebooks

Why I disappeared from Google+ and my chapter topic!!! HERE