Networked Nonprofit Ideas


Volunteer (Photo credit: Gwen’s River City Images)

A living list of things you might do. Please feel free to add to this list; maybe this kind of collaboration will work better than our wiki experiment.

  1. If your organization seeks volunteers and they haven’t signed up for Volunteer Match, perhaps you can help them with that.
  2. Reward Volunteers: A free iPhone app and web widget anyone can use that allows volunteers to log time, post to Facebook, and earn rewards for themselves and the organizations they serve. Analyze the procedural rhetoric here while you are at it.
  3. Check out the social media strategic plan Alyda posted about.
  4. Explore the relevance of Flickr and Linked In for your organizations: they seem to be the two social media services we didn’t cover that get a lot of play in the non-profit world.
  5. Spend time on TechSoup finding relevant tools, even finding software of use to your organization.

One Response to Networked Nonprofit Ideas

  1. This website is a great way to get started with reaching the best potetial for an effective non profit website!

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