Week 11: Content Analysis and Network Mapping

March 30-April 5, 2016


  • Understand and practice content audit and analysis.
  • Understand and practice network mapping.
  • Advance your service learning project: continue to interact with your organization and begin doing the work of the report.


  • Content Strategy for the Web: “Discovery” (Chapters 4-6). The short chapter on “alignment” gives you a sense of your goal as consultant (to help your organization align its messages), and chapter 5 and 6 gets serious about doing audits and analysis.  My favorite suggestions: get a quick win (49), develop a quantitative inventory; include a strategic assessment (50-57); listening (72); factors that matter (73).  Lots of other good ideas too, although you might not need much of the content on pages 57-62.
  • Read NNP, chapters 3-5.  Chapter 3 is about mapping an organization’s social network, an exercise that is a great complement to providing a content inventory. Chapter 5 is about “listening, engaging, and building relationships”–a nice complement to CSW’s emphasis on listening. Chapter 4 discusses “creating a social culture” which might be something you can’t control at your nonprofit, but you could try to make some inroads with that, and you can be a very social team.

Write blog post #8.  Again, topic of your choice, but if you are a little stuck, consider doing a content analysis or network map on yourself.  Aim for Sunday night, and give yourself time to read others’ blogs.

Your team will have a lot of writing to do this week. I am asking you to do a network analysis of the organization you are working with, and a former student group did a network analysis of the Lakes and Prairies organization.

This is your network analysis model.

I am also asking you to do a content audit.  I have set up a spreadsheet for a content audit for an organization I am part of, African Soul, American heart.  Rather than show you a finished product, however, I am asking you to look at 2 webpages and provide your analysis; please look at one channel and provide your analysis.  “Sign” your analysis.  I’m just looking for a few sentences for each entry.  Use CSW as your guide; the spreadsheet has some prompts.The spreadsheet does not stand alone; you will need to write a memo with your findings.

  This is your content audit model spreadsheet.

Please turn in your network analysis and content analysis (of your own organization, not the sample organization) to me via memo, Tuesday April 5th.  If you do this well, your next two weeks will go very smoothly.


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