“A picture’s worth a thousands words but they don’t tell the whole story.”-Jennifer Brown

TA's Teach Humanity

What’s in a profile picture? (I would continue this cheesy Shakespeare quote, but I’ll leave that to the Bard himself). Lately, I have been curious about the idea of a profile picture and how important it is for your Facebook profile– How important would it be for a nonprofit to have an attention getting profile picture? Who sees your profile picture? What does your profile picture say about you? That’s a lot of questions to start out a blog, but I am hoping to answer a least a few of them.

I did a little research and came across an article for the Washington Post that answered some of my questions and I thought I would compile main points and my analysis here:

A lot (if not most) of your impression online is dictated by your profile picture.

Scrolling through your timeline, what do you think the first thing that catches…

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